Alexander was born and raised in Munich, Germany. Since Grandfather and Mother were hairdressers, 
the dedication to hair is in his genes. Getting into MakeUp as well, was just a further step to round up his portfolio. 
Working as an assitant to Wendy Iles he has adopeted an even deeper knowledge over the years. 
Today he lives between Munich and Paris, working for editorial and commercial clients including 
Vogue, ELLE, GQ, Glamour, REVS, Just Cosmetics, sOliver, Laurél and many more.  .

Stefan Armbruster, Joachim Baldauf, Sam Bisso, Christian Borth, Julian Broad, David Buyn, Tomas Dikk, Simon Emmett, 
Alexandra Kinga Fekete,Andreas Hosch, Hadley Hudson, Markus Jans, Sven Jacobsen, Ali Kepenek, Anatol Kotte,
 Leo Krumbacher, Magnus Lechner, Sabine Liewald, Nicolas Kantor, Mierswa&Kluska, Magaretha Olschewski, Christian Oita, 
Andreas Ortner, Marcus Paarmann, Benjamin Pichelmann, Richard Ramos, Daniel Roché, Niko Schmidt-Burgk, 
Schmidt&Gorges, Mario Schmolka, Sara Wilson, Andrew Woffinden
and many more